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Trade Disputes Can End Positively

Following the recent revision of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) DOCDEX rules, Georges Affaki, chairman of the Legal Committee of the ICC Banking Commission and chairman of the DOCDEX Drafting Group, explains how dispute resolution mechanisms , such as DOCDEX, are a friendly alternative to costly and protracted litigation

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Reach New Dimensions With Unsecured Business Finance

Knowing your own personality is very critical these days. Living from paycheck to paycheck is not for everyone.  For those couples who don’t have assets to use as security, they can still move ahead with their business plans by applying for an unsecured business loan. An unsecured business loan is

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Structured Settlement Payments

Money is all that matters in this life but money is the source of most of the problems we have in this modern life. People who have a lot of money often have a problem managing it. People who have no money at all have a problem how to find

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